88 Fingers Louie/Kid Dynamite- Split
Sub City Records
black /?

Adobe Homes- Ristra
Bear Records
red /300

At The Drive-In- Vaya
Fearless Records
pink /3000

Botch- An Anthology Of Dead Ends
Hydra Head Records
blue/white swirl /434

Botch- An Anthology Of Dead Ends
Hydra Head Records

Charles Bronson- Youth Attack
Coalition Records
black /3500

Cloudkicker- Let Yourself Be Huge
clear green /?

Fire Team Charlie- Fire Team Charlie
Adagio 830
black /400

Gameface/Errortype:11- What’s Up Bro?
Revelation Records
orange /330

Gospel/Kodan Armada- Split
Neon Boombox/The Support Group
screened cover, black /500

Graf Orlock- Doombox
Vitriol Records
clear /1350

Griever- Inferior
Vitriol Records
black /75

Head Wound City- Head Wound City
31G Records
yellow marble /?

Heaven In Her Arms/Aussitot Mort- Split
Denovali Records
clear w/ blue/gray splatter /100

Holy Molar- The Whole Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth
Youth Attach/31G
picture disc, /?

James Blake- Limit To Your Love
Atlas Recordings
black /?

Jeromes Dream- Seeing Means More Than Safety
Old Glory Records
black /1000

JR Ewing- The Perfect Drama
Coalition Records
black /?

Kerouac- Cold And Distant, Not Loving
Holy Roar/Tangled Talk
clear/black splodge /150

Magrudergrind- Crusher
Bones Brigade Records
clear red splatter /300 

The Mire/Chronos- Split
Dog Knights Productions
black/white w/ orange splatter /105 | pre-order 8/40

Mountain Man- One
Mightier Than Sword Records
black/yellow /129

Petethepiratesquid/Teeth of Mammals/Narwhal/Kias Fansuri- Circle of Friends
Parade of Spectres
black /?

Shai Hulud/Indecision- Split
Crisis Records
black /2605

Shikari/Seein Red- Split
Deadlock Records
black /?

The Swarm- Parasitic Skies
No Idea Records
gray marble /550

Swarrrm/Dimlaia- Split
SuperFi Records/Crucificados Pelo Sistema
white /?

Swing Kids/Spanakorzo- Split
31G Records
black /?

Wormrot- Noise
Scion Audio Visual/Earache Records
black /?

Wormrot- Noise
Scion Audio Visual/Earache Records
unopened, black /?